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CBD Tinctures

There aren’t a lot of great options when it comes to CBD oil. Hemp Genix CBD Oils are one of very FEW companies that contain ZERO THC.  Many CBD drops are made from medical marijuana which is not legal to ship and sell on the internet. This product (and all of our products at Hemp Genix adn Buy CBD Cosmetics) are 100% legal to buy and consume in the US and in over 40 countries world wide. And our are one of the only companies with CofA’s that prove we have ZERO THC.

They are made from industrial hemp which is grown for it’s ZERO THC Content.

CBD Tinctures

Hemp Genix THC FREE CBD drops contain 250mg,500mg,750mg,1000mg, and 1500mg. For example 500mgs of CBD per bottle. Each serving will give you about 10mgs of CBD/CBDa, and there are about 30-35 servings per container.

Hemp Genix premier industry leading CBD drops tincture is made from a base of super high concentrated CBD oil using super criticle CO2 Extraction.

Buy CBD Hemp Oil Products

Purchasing Cannabidiol (CBD) products online, that are right for you and your health, is a big decision. After all, who knows more about what your body needs than you? Looking around the web to buy CBD oil products can be daunting, especially since the industry is so young, and wrought with misinformation.

This is why Hemp Genix was created: to provide to you the best opportunity to improve your health with all natural, non-GMO, and pesticide-free, PETA Registered hemp based CBD rich products. Harsh chemicals or solvents ARE NOT USED when obtaining the high CBD hemp oil found in the products we sell on this site. Supercritical Fluid Extraction is the method of choice, which utilizes highly pressurized CO2 within a closed system under cold temperatures to preserve the nutritional profile of the hemp plant, passing all of that nutrition on to you.
Buy CBD Oil From Reputable Growers And Manufacturers and we start with the raw ingredients not just the oils.
Currently, companies involved in the production of hemp and cannabis varieties do not have a single source for genetic purity, consistency and cannabinoid profiles and buy bulk industrial oil from Europe. Just as a brother and sister are made from the same parents, their genetic make up has slight enough differences to create two unique and amazing people. And that same principle goes for the hemp plant. Using top quality genetics, in conjunction with the knowledge of multi-generational hemp farmers, we now offer you access to premium CBD Rich Hemp Oil products shipped directly to your door. You can rest assured when you buy CBD oil products from us, you will receive the highest quality with the fastest shipping times on the net.

Buy CBD Hemp Oil Products

At this time, we have many product lines that contain high quality hemp CBD oils, and we are adding more all the time: Hemp Genix ReliefX Pain Rub, CBD Oils in 5 Flavors, CBD Collagen Retinol, and CBD AM-PM Daily Anti Aging Cream and more.

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Buy CBD Hemp Oil Products

Buy CBD Oil CO2 Extract Tinctures Online

You can choose between CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid). While CBDa combined with CBD (Cannabidiol) is more beneficial, we also produce products containing CBD only using a heat treatment process. 

The CBD Hemp oil´s we produce, are made of Hemp plants that grows in EU without the use of pesticides and herbicides in order to achieve high quality and safe products.

What is Cannabidiol CBD?

Platinum CBD Tincture Drops contain:
Phytocannabinoides: Most(CBD/CBDa), contains also low concentrations of (CBC, CBG, CBN)
Terpenes in Endoca oil: Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha & Beta -pinene, Linalool, B-caryophyllene, Caryophyllene oxide, Terpinolene and Humulene.
Other natural molecules: Alkanes, Nitrogenous compounds, Amino acids, Sugars, Aldehydes, Alcohols, Ketones, Flavonoids, Glycosides, Vitamins, Pigments, Water, Hemp seed oil, Omega 3&6, Vitamin E. *Cannabidiol is a natural constituent of hemp plant. 

Buy CBD OIl CO2 Extract Tinctures Online

The manufacturing process commences with a customized selection of the highest quality raw materials available from our fields. In order to produce best quality cbd oil. 

Hemp Genix by NF Skin manufacturing makes use of a cold manufacturing process to reproduce a similar chemical composition in our oils to that found the original hemp plant. Throughout the ages, this equilibrium has been proven to be effective in healing the human body and maintaining good health. 

After harvesting the plants, a Advanced CO2 extraction process is used to produce the highest quality of hemp oil available in the market. Our expertise in the extraction process allows us to use the purest and most efficient methods to produce extremely high-grade hemp oil. 

Buy CBD OIl CO2 Extract Tinctures Online

Benefits of Advanced CO2 extraction:
• Low extraction temperatures ensure that the full spectrum of beneficial molecules is preserved.
• Safe, gentle and environmentally friendly.
• CO2 extraction is sustainable.